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Easy Gif Animator comes with a simple and self-explanatory interface. Most users will be able to adjust to this program right away. In addition to a simple interface that includes drop-down menus and straightforward selections, Easy GIF Animator also includes basic editing tools that are very easy to select and control.


As with most programs that have a user-friendly interface, Easy GIF Animator is easy to use – in fact, it’s so simple to use this program that you won’t have to struggle with a steep learning curve or user manuals. The developers behind Easy GIF Animation kept users of all levels in mind when creating this tool. Just in case you find Easy GIF Animation a bit confusing, a number of Wizards will speed things up.

Main Function

The main purpose and function of Easy GIF Animator is to provide users with a simple animation creation tool. Creating GIF animations with Easy GIF Animator is a painless process that can be as intricate or as simple as required. While easy to use, some users find that the end result when using this program are animations that look somewhat dated, but that’s really the only drawback to Easy GIF Animator (and is largely a matter of opinion).

Extra Features

Easy GIF Animator comes with a number of fun editing tools, including the ability to change colors, frames, alter images, and even change buttons and banners. The number of possible editing options available with this program is numerous, and it’s easy to see why Easy GIFT Animator is one of the most popular GIF programs available.


Easy GIF Animator currently retails for around $26, which is a low price to pay for such a complete animation tool.

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Reviewed by Danny Mills
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